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InfoValue consist of experts in networking, multimedia content, and IPTV technologies



Monsong Chen
Co-Founder, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Monsong is an expert in the fields of networking and multimedia. Prior to co-founding InfoValue, Monsong conducted leading edge research at IBM Watson Research Center and held various senior management positions within IBM. He pioneered a carrier-grade multiparty video conferencing system that became part of IBM's contribution to the National Information Infrastructure campaign in the early 1990s. Monsong's areas of expertise include high-speed network architecture, optical communications, video conferencing and networked applications. He holds many international patents in networking and multimedia technologies. Monsong received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of New York.
Aubrey Flanagan
Vice President, Business Development and Solutions
Aubrey has 20 years of experience in the telecommunications, defense industries, and IP video technologies. Prior to joining InfoValue, he was responsible for the development and support of AT&T's network management and monitoring system, and also the lead architect for the AT&T Local Data Mining system for network analysis. Before AT&T, Mr. Flanagan was responsible for the development of statistical pattern detection and recognition systems for the defense industry. Mr. Flanagan received a Bachelors degree in Mathematics from the University of Arizona and Masters degrees in Computer Science and Statistics from CUNY and Rutgers University respectively.